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New year, old passions

Start of a new journey.

It has been a crazy 12 months or so for most of us and I’m starting to get a feeling it’s not over yet! Whilst enjoying more free time at home I’ve toyed with different interests to keep me busy. As a developer I’ve recently being doing some playing around with Monogame & Unity — who wouldn’t want to develop games? Well, that was certainly always the dream when I was younger!

Things change… As I started my career, I almost stumbled onto web development focusing back then on Classic ASP! Times move on, was launched and I don’t think I have ever looked back. As the years rolled by I continued to evolve as the Microsoft technology stack also evolved. Well, I guess that was true up until the past four years or so…

In that time, I’ve moved away from web and even the Microsoft technology stack to a greater extent developing a variety of solutions away from Windows. However, a part of me misses developing web applications and without doubt —

Which brings me back to now — I’ve made a decision to get back into web development, if only in my own time… Even today it still remains of great personal interest to me and something I get great enjoyment from (I’m literally being serious!). My only drawback is that a lot can happen and change in a few years! has moved on and changed somewhat and I have not! So I guess it’s time to catch-up!

It’s my intention to document my journey as I look to develop a new CMS (Content Management System) application — why not? Whilst looking at the challenges and technical decisions facing anyone who is on this journey themselves.

I’ve always found technical blogging a fantastic means committing what you learn to memory, so if by sharing my experiences help even one person, then all the better. So lets do this!

One time Web Developer