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User stories are an awesome method for expressing stakeholder requirements, for example those of the product owner. They enable requirements to be described in simple and understandable language.

When a customer or product owner initiates a project or has a desire to build some new application feature, there are various considerations that need to be examined. Now user stories are by no means the be and end of all types of requirements gathering and writing. Hence it is important that they are used in the correct way to ensure they add value to the overall project.

Should user stories be…

Fundamentally this is a key choice when creating a new project in 2021 and certainly a decision that will impact future decisions when developing your own application. I was torn… stick to what I know — the tried and trusted .NET Framework or take a leap of faith into the unknown and try .NET Core?

Looking at Microsoft’s roadmap for… to me to it seemed that .NET Core was the way to go, not because I think this is the option that right now offers the most stability and potentially range of functionality/libraries — no. I think that…

Start of a new journey.

It has been a crazy 12 months or so for most of us and I’m starting to get a feeling it’s not over yet! Whilst enjoying more free time at home I’ve toyed with different interests to keep me busy. As a developer I’ve recently being doing some playing around with Monogame & Unity — who wouldn’t want to develop games? Well, that was certainly always the dream when I was younger!

Things change… As I started my career, I almost stumbled onto web development focusing back then on Classic ASP! Times move on, was launched and I don’t…

Ravi Dash

One time Web Developer

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